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December 5

Posted by ylukyun. Comments (2).

Today’s treat is brought to us by c1anddsaddict! Unfortunately I was not able to post it yesterday due to a network issue.

c1anddsaddict writes:

This is a series of pictures from my Christmas themed world. Seeing as Chione is a big, empty room, I thought I would use the garden box and several agents to turn it into a habitable, festive place.

It’s Christmas day. Snow gently begins to fall on the Shee statue on the surface of Chione, beside the ice skating pond. It’s a white Christmas in the metaroom, which norns will likely discover as they wake up, giddy to find their presents nestled under the tree. Click image to enlarge.

The Snow cave is the best place to play in the snow! With snowguns, forts and a Shee statue ripe for the taking, norns love to come here for their favorite game. There are two teams, and the first to completely cover their side of the Shee statue in snow wins. Better bundle up first! It can get pretty cold. When there isn’t a game on, it’s also a good place to build snowmen. There will likely be several games in the morning. Click image to enlarge.

Christmastown is a remote mountain town with a train station. It seems Santanorn has already paid a visit. Most of the residents are in bed, but if you look closely, you may see two naughty young ettins out of bed, looking for reindeer norn tracks. I hope they’re not too cold. Click the image to enlarge.

Here we have the train in the underground tunnel. Creatures are making last minute trips to be home with their families. Here, where the river from the tall mountains meets the sea, sea creatures can be found swimming in the frigid water. They have antifreeze in their bodies to survive the cold, and make for a colorful trip through the tunnel. Click image to enlarge.

Even Santanorn needs a break sometimes. Here you can see him taking a nap in his workshop after a long night of deliveries. The elves, too, are taking a break. You’ll find them spending time with their families, opening their own presents. Soon production will begin again, so every good norn, ettin and grendel can have a present. The workshop will be buzzing with life again. Click image to enlarge.

Aww! It looks like this norn family has woken up to find a variety of presents under the tree. Dad joins the boys while Mom looks after her newly laid egg. It looks like the excitement was too much for one little guy. He’s taking a nap in front of the tree! Let’s hope he wakes up in time for the proud family tradition of playing carols after presents are opened. Click image to enlarge.

2 Responses to “December 5”

  1. Amaikokonut

    I cannot express how happy it makes me to see people enjoying the garden box, especially the decoration system. It really makes me want to create more agents for it! I love all the creativity here, especially tinting the sand white to make it into snow.

  2. Vampirmaniac

    This is very creative indeed! Wish I had thought of tinting the sand to make it look like snow. Very cute story too, thanks :]