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December 12

Posted by ylukyun. Comments (15).

Today’s treat is brought to us by me!


Simply comment here to enter the upcoming C1 Christmas Day Wolfling Run! Please choose a slot. First come first served!

Slot 1: Male PMN (Rascii)
Slot 2: Female PMN (Silvak)
Slot 3: Male Horse (Linda)
Slot 4: Female Horse (Malkin)
Slot 5: Male Santa (Laura)
Slot 6: Female Santa (c1anddsaddict)
Slot 7: Male Grendel (FlyingEttiNorn)
Slot 8: Female Grendel (Grendel Man)

The Wolfling Run will be run and documented on the 25th in addition to the regular post.

15 Responses to “December 12”

  1. Malkin

    I’ll take the female horse norn, please! :)

  2. Grendel Man

    I’d like the female Grendel, please!

  3. Rascii

    Male PMN for me. :)

  4. c1anddsaddict

    I’ll have the female Santa norn

  5. Linda

    Male Horse Norn PLZ ^^

  6. Silvak

    I’ll take the female PMN please.

  7. Laura

    Male Santa Norn, please!

  8. ylukyun

    That was fast! I’ve updated the post with everyone’s chosen slot. Only the male Grendel remains. Anyone want to name their creature? Otherwise I’ll just give it your name.

  9. Grendel Man

    I’d like my grendel to have the name “Morgan,” since it’d be odd for a female grendel to be called “Grendel Man.” :P

  10. ylukyun

    Yes, it would!

  11. FlyingEttiNorn

    Male Grendel please!! :D

  12. ylukyun

    All the slots have been filled!

  13. Silvak

    Can mine be named Rachel?

  14. FlyingEttiNorn

    I wanna name my Grendel Achrenos. :P

  15. ylukyun

    Noted! :)